• اسعار الغزول انخفضت بنسبة 25% خلال 3 اسابيع.

• النائب العام اقر بصحة اجراءات انتفاع شركة إندوراما شبين (شبين الكوم سابقا).

Product Name : Long Staple Spinning Lines
Model : NSC Fibre to Yarn
Specs : NSC fibre to yarn teams design and manufacture a wide range of industrial machinery which produces yarn from natural or synthetic fibres.
Product Name : Long Staple Spinning Lines
Model : Finlane Group
Offer : no L.E
Specs : The Finlane group includes three leading companies, Sant'Andrea Novara, Cognetex and Seydel. Hence its leading position at global level in the manufacturing of textile machines for the long staple market. Within a common framework, each company preserves its identity, acquired over the past decades. However the group co-ordinates and rationalises the manufacturing activities and commercial strategies of these three brands, thus favouring their synergy and taking advantage of their complementary offer. The ultimate goal is to meet the international market needs as efficiently as possible by offering a complete range of products which cover any long staple process stage.
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